Gurgaon Property Enters the Core Business

After the Indian economy opened up in the 90s, after the city of Gurgaon minor has been able to exploit its strategic location near the national capital Delhi and the Indira Gandhi International Airport to become a major center for outsourcing and cleaning the center high-high-tech industries. Now everyone recognizes as a destination for IT and ITES.

The growing demand

Most MNCs operating in India have their offices in Gurgaon. India’s largest car manufacturers, Maruti Udyog and Hero Honda also set up plants there. This, coupled with the influx of educated and skilled professionals in large numbers, has led to a strong demand for commercial and residential properties in Gurgaon.

The recent campaign in late New Delhi has also stimulated demand for products from the store in Gurgaon with the owners of many of the factories concerned and change from there.

Even otherwise, real estate prices have skyrocketed in the last decade Gurgaon. Today, any realtor, that price, I would say the most lucrative properties in the national capital region (NCR) are in Gurgaon.

On a roll

With the proposal of the Delhi Metro Line-Gurgaon scheduled to be ready for 2012, real estate in Gurgaon are very pleased with the city gain a competitive advantage and continue the good times.

The increase in foreign direct investment, low interest rates along with the increase in the stock market has also given impetus to Gurgaon real estate market. The following Jaipur highway has sparked a construction boom in Gurgaon, near National Highway-8.

Not surprisingly, real estate consultant based in Gurgaon have been established with an eye on the cake. They believe the housing market as an extension of Gurgaon Delhi with a contraction of space in the capital of multinational enterprises and encourage the creation of offices in what is considered the best of satellite cities of New Delhi.

The abundance of projects

Risen to unprecedented levels in Gurgaon real estate is evident by the numerous projects on the anvil to meet the growing demand for residential properties.

Whether it’s apartments or villas, penthouses and condominiums, apartments and duplex independent, estate agents and consultants in Gurgaon have ensured that the choice is limited only by the budget for the discriminating buyer.

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